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April Weekly Planner Spread

Here are the daily layouts for the month of April. These layouts are designed in the same way as Happy Planner inserts, I just decided to make my own since the originals are so very expensive. I invested in a hole punch and some decent quality paper and I print and punch my own pages as needed. The layouts are made to open left so that when you’re looking at a two page spread you get the week from Monday through Sunday all in one view. For the blank front and back pages I love to doodle on them and decorate them as the months roll along.

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Download File

All you have to do to get the free layout is download the PDF above and print it to whatever size paper fits your planner. The pages are designed for the Big Happy Planner which is the full sized 8.5×11 inch paper.

​The first day of April fell on the last week of March so it’s located on the March calendar which can be found at the link below.

March 2018 Weekly Spreads

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