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Gold Foil- Eid Cards

So I think I found yet another new obsession, gold foil! I love shiny things (if you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I love to use gold foil on my paintings) I just didn’t know how to get it onto such delicate designs like I have with the cards below.  Thank goodness for the school of You Tube- I’ve learnt so much on that platform aside from just arts and crafts.  For instance, did you know that there’s a fairly inexpensive way to gold-foil using a toner printer, a laminator, and foil.  For the first set of cards that you see below I used gold colored foil.  You might notice some imperfections in the foiling but that’s all part and parcel of these cards being hand-made.
The next few cards below are done with a rose gold colored foil.  The next time I try this, I’d like to foil black or navy blue paper.
For now I’ve made some Eid cards as well as Hajj congratulations cards because Dhul Hijjah is fast approaching.  Lets see what other ways I can come up with to use foil next. I’m SO excited!
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