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Sunflower Painting

I made a giant 3 foot by 3 foot canvas, this is the biggest painting I’ve ever made and I really thoroughly enjoyed the process.  This painting is very special to me because it has so much meaning behind it and I was so very honored to be commissioned to make this .  A good friend asked me to make a painting with a sunflower because sunflowers used to be her late sister’s favorite.
I chose to make three flowers because growing up we’ve always known this family and we referred to them as the ‘three sisters’, when we’d ask my mom where we are going she would say ‘the three baji’s house’ and baji means sister in our language.  The three flowers represent the three amazing ladies and this painting is in honor of the girl that passed away much too soon.  ​
I hung it up by my couch to show the size of it because I think it’s really hard to tell when you see just the painting on it’s own.  It’s massive and I love it so very much.
​© Ammara Cokar 2018