Wood Burning

I’ve discovered a new medium,wood burning or pyrography.  I’ve been working on creating different pieces inspired by henna designs for selling at local art markets when I stumbled across wood burning for the first time.  I’m absolutely in love with the way the burnt wood looks- it reminds me of real henna with a very natural look.  

I started off burning this little wooden heart which was a gift for someone

I also worked on a jewelry or trinket box
I then moved onto burning wooden spoons.  These spoons are my favorite of all the stuff that I’ve been burning so I will probably be making a LOT of them.
I tried using a thin tip and came up with some intricate designs, this level of detail takes a little too long per spoon for my liking though.
I then moved onto the thicker tip and came up with these:
I’m in love with this technique and I don’t think that I’ll be getting bored anytime soon!
© Ammara Cokar 2014