Mermaid Marker Girl

I got some mermaid markers which are brush tip markers that are filled with dye ink that react to water in the same way that watercolor paints do.  The difference with these are that the colors are very vivid and bold.
I tried making little swatches of each color and then dipping a clean brush in water and spreading the color downwards to see how it looks when diluted.  Swatching colors this way creates a great reference page since the colors don’t look exactly the same way that they do on the package.  I like doing this for all the different inks and paints that I have so that I have something to reference when working on new pieces.
I followed a tutorial on YouTube to make a picture of this gorgeous girl.  I used mermaid markers for her curly hair and  then used regular watercolor paints for her skin.  Once the inks dried i made some loose outlines with an ink pen.
​​​​​​© Ammara Cokar 2018