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Art Journal- Create from the Heart

I’ve been playing a little bit more in my art journal lately because I miss the way it freely flows, when I start a page I don’t necessarily know what it’s going to end up looking like.  
This page for instance sat for a very long time semi-finished.  The background however was complete, I started by tearing some tissue paper and randomly sticking it down to my page and then covering some of the empty areas with script stamps.
 I then used some modeling paste with a stencil that had a ​similar design to the tissue paper, this close up shows the see-through-ish white modeling paste.   The edges of the page were darkened with charcoal, you’ll often notice that the edges of elements on my page or the page itself are usually outlined, I like that definition.
The page then sat this way for probably over a year until I was working on a painting and I had some crackle medium left over which I decided to add to this page for yet another layer and even more texture.
Et voila, I’ve done what the quote says and created from the heart.
© Ammara Cokar 2017