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Art Journal- Watercolor Tree

My art journal is a place where I forget all about being self conscious and just experiment.  I don’t typically know what the page will end up looking when I begin because it sometimes evolves from an ink splatter or smudge of random paint from cleaning off a paintbrush that I used elsewhere.  I don’t necessarily write things on every page -that’s the beauty of an art journal- there are no set rules.  If you Google image search art journal you’ll see a number of different styles and notice that everyone’s journal is unique.  I like to play with different mediums and try out different techniques without any reservations because it stays closed in this book.  Often times, I’ll end up using the color combinations, techniques, or images from my journal as inspiration for other artwork that I make. 




I saw a picture similar to this on Pinterest and decided to try it out with watercolors in my art journal.   I drew the tree in with a sharpie and then everything else was done using watercolors.  
© Ammara Cokar 2014