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Margarita Pizza

This is a simple, classic recipe with only 3 toppings which give it a delicate but rich taste. It’s a good idea to use a fine quality sauce (preferably home made) and real Parmesan, as well as buffalo milk mozzarella cheese on this because it makes all the difference when it comes to flavor.
I don’t have a pizza peel so I use this wooden board instead, slightly dusted with semolina.  I topped the pizza with sauce, freshly grated Parmesan and torn bits of buffalo milk mozzarella.

Margarita Pizza

Pizza dough (recipe can be found  here and it makes 4 small thin crust individual pizzas)) 
Good quality pizza sauce (1 cup)
Dried Oregano (1 tsp)
Parmesan Cheese freshly grated/shaved 
Buffalo milk Mozzarella
Fresh Basil Leaves
Olive oil (as garnish)
semolina or cornmeal for the stone


  1. Place pizza stone in a cool oven and preheat the stone and oven together to the highest setting (mine goes to 475°F.
  2. Roll out the dough and place on a pizza peel or surface lightly dusted with semolina or corn meal.
  3. Spread a thin layer of sauce, top with a sprinkle of oregano, a layer of Parmesan and a few chunks of torn mozzarella.
  4. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes then remove from the heat and top with basil leaves and olive oil.