Free Palestine digital artwork, girl holding Palestinian flag
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Free Palestine- digital artwork: girl holding Palestinian Flag

These past few weeks have been extremely difficult. In the past I’ve used art as a means to work through difficult emotions, but time is limited for me right now, and I don’t have the ability to pull out my art supplies in this phase of my life. I needed to make something, something more hopeful than all the horrible images of the reality in Palestine. So I turned to working digitally instead, without the need for me to be in my studio and with no setup and cleanup time.

My heart bleeds for the innocent lives being taken in Palestine. I scroll through social media holding my little one feeling guilty for being so lucky to be born and living where I do. I see image after image of innocent children being brutalized and feel helpless, wishing I could do more for them. I cry for the mothers who are losing their children, for the children who are losing their parents, and for the innocent who deserve peace, safety, and the security and stability of a home. When it gets too much, I recognize my extreme privilege of avoiding socials for a while, unlike my brothers and sisters in Palestine who can’t just escape it because they’re living it- these cruel disgusting horrors are their reality. Incase it wasn’t clear enough already, I’ll say it again:

I stand with Palestine.

Also, let’s call it what it is, this is not a war-it’s genocide.

There are many ways to help, here’s one link to donate to help the relief effort.

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